Do We Make Hard Work Of It?


By James Greenshields

In 2014 we travelled Australia as a family in Freddy, the ute, and Campy, the camper trailer. I decided to mark turning 40 by being in the Red Centre of Australia. Then we travelled north to my old military haunting ground, Darwin.

The journey north on the Stuart Hwy was quite emotional for me. As we camped at a site called the Devils Marbles, I meditated on the power of this journey. I’d spent seven years posted to the military unit, 2nd Cavalry Regiment,

Earning A Place In The Tribe

The Missing Link For Childhood To Adulthood


Earning A Place In The Tribe, by James Greenshields

Deservability, or entitlement mentality is crippling relationship, families and society in general

It’s the thing that says   “That happened therefore I’m entitled to this …..”

It comes in many forms:

  • You’ve given it to me before so I want it again.
  • That has happened to me so I deserve this.
  • By virtue of my position I am entitled to this.

We get outraged by a child coming up to us and just expecting a hand out; yet we’ll turn around and just expect to be given something because of what we’ve done or who we are.

Harsh Versus Firm: How We Injury Ourselves

“We are our harshest critic”
Bet you’ve heard that before, and for many it’s true.
To grow as a person requires discipline and coming from an ex-military guy, many would think ‘oh he’s all over that’. It couldn’t be further from the truth, just ask Kirsty 🙂 Matter of fact many people transitioning from a rigidly routined environment into something far more flexible like self employment struggle with self discipline because they’ve operated for so long in an ‘imposed discipline’ environment.
Personal growth requires self awareness or reflection. Initially people can get caught in self flagellation leading to a decrease in self esteem and confidence. This is because of the harshness they use in the judgement of themselves.