10 Rules For An Adequate Life

Change Of PerspectiveBy James Greenshields

Do you claim you have or want a great life, but take action to have an adequate one?

Do you believe you’ve got a great life, yet still sense a hollowness inside?


Rules For An Adequate Life:


  • Dismiss your gut feeling, what your heart has been telling you for years.
  • Believe in compromise
  • Dismiss suggestion of change by “Yeah but …”
  • Blame others, the situation or your environment for your fortune and circumstance
  • Let “Yeah but …” rule your thoughts, words and deeds.
  • Believe you are entitled to something, anything
  • Wait for someone else to lay your path before you
  • Believe you’ve got to do it all yourself.
  • Relegate your passion for what others may think.
  • Live by “Yeah but…”


From a good life to a great life is a choice.

Choice Is Yours

Change your mind, your paradigm, your perception and you change your life.

So today look at that one person who really annoys you and choose in the moment to let that annoyance go. Then ask “what in this person don’t I like about myself?”

Answer honestly and you’ll receive the power to change the situation. Deny it within you, and you’ll remain living adequately.



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