Are You Willing To Go From Good To Great?

Dreams To Realityby James Greenshields

Are You Willing To Go From Good To Great?

I’ve just been constructing the training our team from the Centre For Resilient Leadership are going to be doing next week. And in doing so, I personally was revisiting our intention for the Centre and 2015.

A key element of this is helping people go from Good to Great.

In going from Good to Great there are things that an individual has to let go of. Things that have served them to get this far, but have now outlived their purpose. Yet these are often the hardest things to let go of because the person has a rationale that says these things have gotten them this far. Therefore surely they are the things that will allow them to go further !?!

10 Rules For An Adequate Life

Change Of PerspectiveBy James Greenshields

Do you claim you have or want a great life, but take action to have an adequate one?

Do you believe you’ve got a great life, yet still sense a hollowness inside?


Rules For An Adequate Life:


  • Dismiss your gut feeling, what your heart has been telling you for years.
  • Believe in compromise
  • Dismiss suggestion of change by “Yeah but …”
  • Blame others, the situation or your environment for your fortune and circumstance

Don’t Reject Me!

Anthony Hopkins

By James Greenshields

The fear of failure encompasses many things. Often it’s hard to get over because you haven’t identified an underlying pattern that causes you to act in a certain way and therefore set yourself up for failure. Thus confirming your belief – that you will fail; that you are a failure and therefore you are not worthy.

What happens is we take external circumstance, comments and situations, bring them inside to evaluate our own worth (our inner being). This recipe, which by the way is cemented in habit with it’s associated neural pathways to reflect it, is destined to leave you never feeling like what you do is enough.

Fear Goal Setting?

Expose yourself to fearby James Greenshields

Scared of setting Goals?
You’re not on your pat malone.
‘What happens if they’re the wrong ones?’
‘What happens if I don’t achieve it?’
‘I don’t want to get wrapped up in the achievement spiral as I’ll loose myself’
‘I’m happy with what I’ve got’
Under each one of these, and for that matter any negating statement of setting goals, is a fear.

The fear of failure is quite obvious, yet it’s an illusion bread from past experiences where you’ve judge your success in terms of external recognition and validation. In other words you’ve made a decision about yourself that in some way you are not worthy of having what your heart desires. So you’ve trained your mind to think a certain way. And that is the way to an adequate life. This is not Living.

Are You Ordinary?

Some Advice

By James Greenshields

“One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” – Maya Angelou

Have you ever thought: “Oh, I’m just ordinary.”

If you have, my guess is you haven’t actually stopped to think what ordinary is exactly.

Ordinary is defined as being with ‘no special or distinctive features: normal’.

But as I stated in ‘Upper Cut Or Depression?’, ‘Normal is simply a conditioned cognitive response, performed by most, in order to alleviate fear, avoid embarrassment and resist change.’

Who Am I?

Passion 9I have been taking some time to review my big questions: Who Am I and What do I stand for? These are some of the questions we look at in our Awakening The Warrior Within programs. Without the answers, I can’t truly know what I want, nor what my purpose is.

The two elements I just looked at were my principles and values. The way I look at these are: