Are You Willing To Go From Good To Great?

Dreams To Realityby James Greenshields

Are You Willing To Go From Good To Great?

I’ve just been constructing the training our team from the Centre For Resilient Leadership are going to be doing next week. And in doing so, I personally was revisiting our intention for the Centre and 2015.

A key element of this is helping people go from Good to Great.

In going from Good to Great there are things that an individual has to let go of. Things that have served them to get this far, but have now outlived their purpose. Yet these are often the hardest things to let go of because the person has a rationale that says these things have gotten them this far. Therefore surely they are the things that will allow them to go further !?!

Some surely are things that will allow for more goodness in their life, but in time these will simply breed a sense of adequacy. Others will decline simply because the person is moving forward.

Nothing ever stays still. Even if it comes to a halt, everything else around is still moving in that direction. So in relative terms you are moving backwards. This is the Law of Polarity: the Absolute and the Relative. In the same moment a thing is both stationary and moving.

To truly go from Good to Great one must let go of everything and trust that the baby will not be thrown out if the baby is truly serving a purpose in the grander picture – growth.

Therefore to go from Good to Great you need a clear vision of the Grander Picture. Grander than even you. How will your Greatness serve the world?

To go from Good to Great one must trust to a whole new level.

Trust that people in their lives are there for a reason and if those reasons are still relevant then the people will remain –Fooling People but some, many, won’t. Allowing oneself to accept this completely is to surrender and let go of resistance – a necessary step in evolution.

Trust they have what it takes to make, and be, the change they want to see. For some, this is the easy part, as they understand they are very good at what they do. For others this brings to the surface deep seeded beliefs that they are not Good enough; that they are only allowed to have a certain level of prosperity; of Good luck; or success and happiness in their life. If this person wants to go from Good to Great they need to be willing to see it may just be possible to have it all – that they are worthy of having it all.

Something which allowed me to gain this understanding was to realize the more I have become comfortable with my authenticity, the more I have realized my own worth, and the more others have benefited from simply being around me, particularly those I love the most.

You personally know this to be true. Just look at the people you desire to hang around. Not the ones that you feel an obligation to hang out with because they are family or have been friends forever; but those people who appear to make you have a smile on your face; who appear to give you permission, and then inspiration, to be yourself.

Surround YourselfI say appear, because that’s exactly what is happening. These people are doing nothing but being themselves with no one intention. But by being themselves they are unconsciously giving you permission to be yourself and that is the source of your inner sense of peace and happiness.

So to go from Good to Great is to fully embrace your self in all your aspects.

What part of yourself can you embrace more of today to allow yourself more Greatness in your life?



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