Calling On All Dads!



I learnt the hard way, that the environment I set as a father is critically important in my children’s development.
When I had Post Traumatic Stress and was intensely angry, Pene was in Kirsty’s womb. I recovered and let go of my anger, but at the age of 4, every time I became ester in any way to assert an issue or boundary, Pene would run to her room and adopt the fetal position and start crying.
It took 6 months of continued work to firstly forgive myself and secondly help her to work through her fears. Anything can to reversed, or let go of, when it is bought into the light of awareness.
So to all fathers who are out there doing the best they can, that’s awesome! Now have a look at your emotions because you may not think they’re are an issue. But, you’ve desensitised yourself and your youngsters haven’t. It you want to take your relationship with your kids to a whole new level, a level of even deeper trust and love, then become an emotional master, and show them how it’s done. In other words be a leader