Fear Goal Setting?

Expose yourself to fearby James Greenshields

Scared of setting Goals?
You’re not on your pat malone.
‘What happens if they’re the wrong ones?’
‘What happens if I don’t achieve it?’
‘I don’t want to get wrapped up in the achievement spiral as I’ll loose myself’
‘I’m happy with what I’ve got’
Under each one of these, and for that matter any negating statement of setting goals, is a fear.

The fear of failure is quite obvious, yet it’s an illusion bread from past experiences where you’ve judge your success in terms of external recognition and validation. In other words you’ve made a decision about yourself that in some way you are not worthy of having what your heart desires. So you’ve trained your mind to think a certain way. And that is the way to an adequate life. This is not Living.

Fear is not a red light. It is a signal to proceed with caution as the situation you are entering requires your full awareness. The best awareness for these situations is non-judgmental awareness as then you’ll allow yourself to see things as they are, not clouded by your past.

Fear lives in the same place as excitement; in the solar plexus. You will have seen this in operation when looking at a child Fear of Otherson a rock just about to jump into a pool of water for the first time. Their emotions swing between fear and excitement at a rapid rate. Most of us don’t spend the time with our emotions to realise what the messages of the sensations are.

So what to do?

Firstly, spend time with your emotions. Allow yourself to feel them fully and then ask the question – what is your message?

On the Awakening The Warrior Within Program we talk about emotions being the radar to our personal island. They tell us when threats are approaching or when it’s time to lay down arms and crack the keg in celebration and everything in between.

Don’t live your life in fear. Give yourself permission to feel it and walk through it; befriend it, for you wouldn’t have the emotion if there wasn’t a purpose for it.

Now let yourself set goals in line with your values to get you what you want.

If you’re a man who wants to gain a better connection with yourself and love ones, wants a clearer direction in life, wantsKnight in shining Armour to let go of somethings that no longer serve you; then Awakening The Warrior Within is for you. Check out the website for further details and program dates.