Hollowness, Humility And Greatness – The Confusion

Conquering SelfJust because everyone sees you as great and amazing doesn’t necessarily mean that you believe them. Matter of fact, we meet our harshest critic every morning in the mirror, so we’ll often dismiss praise directed towards us.

  • When praised, have you ever had a thought like:
  • It wasn’t that great
  • Oh yeah, but I had some help
  • I was just lucky I guess, or
  • When’s someone going to find out I’m not that good.

All these are natural thoughts for a person who’s battling to understand, and come to terms with, who they really are, what their purpose in life is and what to do with the talents that have been bestowed on them.

Often a person will dismiss the talent comment by, ‘oh I don’t really have any amazing talents’.

This inner critic is often disguised or mislabeled as humility, especially in Australian society, .

There is a major difference, humility acknowledges the talents and is grateful for the good they can do in the service of others. Denial of our qualities leads to a hollowness, a tiredness inside that is inescapable, and at times can become all consuming.

When I first left the military and became a personal development presenter and facilitator, I couldn’t understand what destinypeople saw in me as I was still battling my inner demons. Depression had set in and I was still in the process of recovering from Post Traumatic Stress. I felt ashamed that people would think I had my ‘shit together’, when I often found myself on the couch with no desire to do anything. This was coupled with a belief that I had to have all my shit together when I was helping others realize their own greatness.

I’ve since matured to see myself on a journey climbing my own mountain face. I help others who are climbing on their own mountains. I just, because of my objective position, and personal talents, can see and aid them see, where to put their hand on their next move.

The mark of a persons greatness is not how they are viewed by everyone else; it’s how they view themselves, in an objective, balanced, humble, grateful and loving way. For when they connect completely with themselves they can best utilize the talents they have in the service of others.

This is a great video on an amazing guy, Darius Boyd, who has not just the talents, but the courage to face his inner demons to allow himself to reach his full potential.Darius Boyd Australian Story



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