So If Change Isn’t Feared, What Is?

Changing SelfI used to believe a person fears change. Now I realise one doesn’t fear change as it’s a constant. They fear the unknown on the other side which they perceive may bring pain. And they fear the unknown because they don’t believe they are enough, therefore have to cling to what they have for fear of loss.

If you want an example of this, look at what you fear to loose the most.

The only solution is trust. And this starts with vulnerability. Without vulnerability I can’t communicate from the heart. 

My mind breeds fear not the heart.

Tripped Over FeelingsThe funny thing I learnt (the hard way I might add) is that connecting to something inside me was harder than I thought, especially as I’d disconnected from those things called feelings. Then even funnier was when I thought I knew what I was feeling, I often was to find out it was a symptom not the cause.

Having personally experienced it, I believe in what many indigenous people around the world say about depression – it’s just a spiritual awakening waiting to happen. In other words, the universe of life is giving you an upper cut and suggesting your off course.

The choice is to try and change the world, or simply start with ourselves. I started as the former and realised the latter was more effective.



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