Who Am I?

Passion 9I have been taking some time to review my big questions: Who Am I and What do I stand for? These are some of the questions we look at in our Awakening The Warrior Within programs. Without the answers, I can’t truly know what I want, nor what my purpose is.

The two elements I just looked at were my principles and values. The way I look at these are:

My Principles are those universal things that create my inner being. They are unchanging, however, my understanding of them is continually growing. Mine are Connection, Freedom, Truth, Love, Wonder and Service. 

2014 was a year of deeply understanding my Connection and how it’s instrumental to me in everything I am and do. I connected with this beautiful land in a way I’d never done before. But I also realised that I am a traveller, not a nomad. Hence now we have a beautiful ‘home tree’ in Burringbar.

My Values are the things I hold important in my interaction with the outside world. They flow from my principles, and my family top my list. With and through them, I live my inner being highlighted to me through my principles. My principles are my path, while my values highlight to me how to interact on this path.

I recommend starting any new time period or venture with first reviewing who you are.

Happy reflection.